For the last year, Real+True has been on a mission to share the beauty and truth of the Catechism to people around the world through beautiful, captivating, and relevant content. Real+True videos are published in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French and they are available for free  on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, and Linkedin.

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Here is what people around the world are saying about Real+True:

This is extremely well done, concise, and engaging. —Dan P

Soooo impressed with these videos and the whole project…I’ve been in teaching for a long time…the depth and freshness of these videos are off the hook! Thank you! —C France 

Great video and great series in general. I’ve already used two and will be using this one soon. —Quanah Jeffries

Wow…I can’t tell you HOW MUCH I appreciate the gift of your gifts! These units are so fun, thought-provoking, and life-giving —Monica H 

This is a really worthwhile project and the videos are extremely well-produced – great job. —Solomon L

Thank you for this service to the Church! —Patrick L

Thank you for this project. It has given me a sustainable way to prayerfully journey through the Catechism. —Justin M

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This is fantastic! Can’t wait to see more. —@maxstudiosust

What you all are doing is PHENOMENAL —Liv Harrison 

This instagram account needs to be discovered! @cum_omni_fiducia

+1 to good Catholic content —@faithfullpod 

Keeps getting better and better! —@gogoerifi

Congratulations!! I just found your page through an ad of your video on the Eucharist. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos! —@carsandchrist_40

Wholesome content!! ? —@maria_toukam

Interesting and intriguing! Eternally grateful god for all of the brilliant scientists toiling for forever to figure it all out! —@dls2pac

This video is incredible!!! —@djseanp

Wonderful video! Congratulations! ?????? God bless your work! ✝️ —@d.andrea_calamita

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I just discovered you guys on Catholic TV. Love the idea! My husband and I work with the RCIA program at our church. This will definitely be a resource that we will use and share. Thank you!! —Lori H 

Very well done video! I think it’s a must watch for every Catholic! —Vicki S 

Wow congratulations! All the hard work has taken you to the next level. May God continue to bless your endeavors! —Gerald G

This is an excellent way to attract people to the teachings of the Catholic Church. Well done! —Jim L

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Thank you for explaining the overview of the Catechism! You’re right! The book is overwhelming; but when you break it down into the four pillars, it makes it easier! Thank you for following your calling and sharing it!! —Sue M

This is EXCELLENT! I love the format – short, fun, straightforward content. So important and I believe, will appeal to a wide audience. —Marcia S

Wow! Excellent explanation and great start to a fabulous series. Looking forward to using this in our parish. Many thanks! —Melissa L

Thank you for these videos. My hearts been seeking God and these videos are changing my life. —Rachel A

Great work. I’ll be sharing with our Tuesday night prayer group! Thank you❤️—Ray

Love this. Using in my religious education class this sunday —Edward C 

Beautiful – amazing skill! Wonderfully made and refreshing! It’s also pretty thought-provoking. God bless you! —S

Thanks for your efforts!! I’m from Costa Rica and I am sending all your videos to my friends involved in any catholic activity because this way to present the Catechism is fresh and understandable -Marcela J

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