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What the Catechism says about respect for human life

Learn about the profound sacredness of human life, from conception to natural death, and the unique and unrepeatable nature of every person created in the image and likeness of God.

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What Catholics believe about the death penalty

U.33 / Podcast

In this conversation, Edmund interviews Krisanne Vaillancourt-Murphy, Executive Director of Catholic Mobilizing Network (CMN), about the Fifth Commandment and the work of CMN in promoting the value of life over…


When Should You Fight for Your Life?

U.33 / Connection

Explore the balance between self-defense and the Commandment “Thou shall not kill” by learning what the Catechism explains about upholding the sanctity of all human life.


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Retransforming the letter into a living voice for the modern world.

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CCC 2258-2330

Human life is sacred

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CCC 2197-2257

Honor your father and mother

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CCC 2083-2195

Love God with all your heart

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CCC 1716-1729

The Beatitudes

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What Catholics believe about the death penalty

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