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Unit 4/Podcast

Faith is a free and personal response to God

To highlight what trust in God really is, Emily shares a childhood experience that went into the scripts, and Edmund gives insight into a fatherhood moment with his kids.

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Show Notes

[00:53] Welcome and Unit Overview! Edmund and Emily welcome you to the fourth Real + True podcast. In this installment, they discuss Unit Four which covers Catechisms paragraphs 142-184.

[01:49] Proclamation Video: The topic for this video is: “The power of call and response in music.” Edmund shares about his friend Matt, and how Matt uses “call and response” in worship. They discuss how this dynamic is used in liturgy and in the Mass. Emily shares about her experience with “call and response” in sports situations.

[09:40] Stand Out Paragraphs: Edmund shares about the section that stood out to him, CCC 170, “We do not believe in formulas, but in those realities they express which faith allows us to touch. The believers act of faith does not terminate in the propositions, but in the realities, which they express.” Emily shares her stand out section, CCC 154, “Believing is possible only by grace and the interior helps of the holy spirit, but it is no less true that believing is an authentically human act.” What’s your stand out section? Share on social media!

[14:11] Explanation Video + Spiderman The thesis of this video is, “Faith is a free and personal response to God made possible by grace.” Edmund uses the example of Spiderman falling to illustrate this point. Emily recounts the story of the diving board referenced in the video.

[20:05] News: New Animation Team + Post- Pilot Stage We’re excited to announce that we’ve officially moved out of the pilot stage of this project. We’d like to thank Our Sunday Visitor and everyone who has supported the project.. With this new stage, we’ve hired a new animation team. And we’re very excited about it.

[20:54] Connection Video The thesis of this video is, “Do you trust me?” Edmund and Emily discuss how our inclinations toward or against trusting others can affect how we relate to God.

[22:57] Edmund Fathering His Son: Edmund tells a story from his own life as a father that illustrates the point that trust is built on a relationship with a person, not just the words spoken by the person.

[24:43] Final Thoughts, an Announcement, and Closing: Emily and Edmund share that being in relationship with God is not like being a robot. Relationship with God requires our intellect and will. We trust Him because He has revealed Himself to be trustworthy. Thank you for being part of Real + True! Let’s reach another million viewers!

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