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Missionary Discipleship and the Catechism with Julianne Stanz

Edmund welcomes Julianne Stanz, author, speaker, USCCB consultant and Director of Parish Life and Discipleship for the Diocese of Green Bay. Julianne shares her extensive knowledge on discipleship and how she sees the role of the Catechism within the life of a missionary disciple.

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Show Notes

Show Notes 

(00:37) Julianne Stanz, a nationally known speaker, retreat leader, storyteller, the Director of Parish Life and Discipleship in Diocese of Green Bay and a consultant to the USCCB Committee on Catechesis and Evangelization is welcomed onto this episode of the Real+True podcast. She is the author of Braving the Thin Places, Start with Jesus: How Everyday Disciples Will Renew the Church, Developing Disciples of Christ, and co-author of The Catechist’s Backpack

(4:40) What is missionary discipleship? Julianne shares, “You hear good news every single time you go to Mass, the Gospel of the Lord.” And that our relationship with good news will change how we share it. Do we see it as good? Edmund shares that the context of being on a mission trip prompts him to behave differently — including being much more open to the Holy Spirit, and to pray with people on the spot. But once he returned home, he saw that behavior left behind. Julianne shares that context is important when we’re talking about missionary discipleship. 

(12:48) “God does not use our ability, he blesses our availability.” Julianne encourages listeners who want to share the Gospel but aren’t sure how to pray, “Lord, use me.” And then pray for the opportunity for him to use you in just very concrete ways.” Edmund highlights that the Informative Dossier, ​​a Church document which explains the Catechism in more depth, says that the Catechism is conciliar (from the Church) and missionary (for the purpose of sharing the Gospel.) Julianne shares, “When you receive the Eucharist, you become a tabernacle with feet,” highlighting the reality that our lives as missionary disciples are extensions of our relationship with Jesus. 

(21:35) “What has your experience of the Catechism been?” Julianne shares about her conversion and encountering the Catechism as a 17-year-old student in Dublin and how her relationship with the Catechism changed overtime as she saw it less of a textbook but more of an encounter with God. And this led her to her excitement when she was asked to be an Advisor for Real+True. Edmund invites Julianne to address mistakes she often sees in evangelization “Recognize the person in front of you is not somebody that is half full that you need to fill up with information. But God already dwells in the person’s heart because he always precedes us.” 

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