What are people saying about Real + True?

Here’s what people are saying about Real + True: 

“Watching these videos makes me excited about the catechism in a way that I have never been. I’m really excited y’all are doing this. It’s already made the Catechism more accessible for me…. You’re taking something that almost every Catholic owns but doesn’t open and you’re making it accessible with these videos.” —Taylor Schroll, Forte Catholic

“It’s a really neat concept. I loved watching the videos. It’s a really unique way of breaking open the catechism. I thought it was really creative… It can be used in a variety of settings. The Catechism is just fundamental to sharing the faith. And that’s why I think this project is so important.”  —Dan Boyd, Being and Making Disciples

“The videos are so cool. The scripts are awesome. There are fun introductions and explanations. The catechism can feel like a textbook but there’s so much depth to the catechism that needs to be pulled out… Thank you for making this resource that I am very confident will help people find the inimitable joy that comes from giving one’s life to Christ.”  —Fr. Steve Pullis, Encounter Grow Witness

“Wow, this is such a great idea! Very much needed” – Elizabeth H

“Great video! Inspired by the Holy Spirit indeed. This video encourages me to seek God deeply. ?️” Estefania I. 

“What a fabulous idea! I love the way you’re presenting the Catechism. -Youtube Comment” – Monica H

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How are people using Real + True in their parishes and communities?

Real + True is a free resource. You are able to use the videos in any setting you find helpful, in your parish, school, ministry, and community. Let us know how you’re using the content!

Here are some ways people around the world are using Real + True videos: 

“Thanks for your efforts!! I’m from Costa Rica and I am sending all your videos to my friends involved in any catholic activity because this way to present the Catechism is fresh and understandable” -Marcela J

“Looking forward to sharing this with our RCIA class tonight! Thank you!” -St Matthew Catholic Church 

“This looks like an awesome project. Sharing with my parish staff” – Fr. Tony

“I’ve been using your content with my confirmation candidates and sponsors, and also during a catechist in-service, and they’re always a hit. Keep up the good work guys! I’m so thankful for everyone involved in this project.” – Maggie M 

“I love what you are doing and the content you are putting out. I am using your videos and podcasts to supplement a book study I am doing with my small group of women. This group of 22-26-year-olds (moms, wives, grad students, professionals) comes to my house every Monday. Over the week we read the section that your videos cover and then do a sort of “lexio” with the text in the Catechism. Everyone brings their notes and questions about that week’s section. The objective for us is to just learn more about the Church and what she teaches. Most of us are cradle Catholics but we have found that there are some holes in our formation. I wanted to send you all a message to say thanks for what you are doing and keep it coming.”   – Meredith 

I started watching your “Real and True” videos today. What a great initiative! They are enjoyable and educational,…and a brilliant way of explaining our beliefs. 

I plan on sharing them with friends and family along with parishes I am assisting. I could also see an entire formation class based on the videos along with a deep dive into the sections of the Catechism for a small group. You are making a big difference! Thank you for your efforts!”  – Joe S

How are you using Real + True videos? Let us know!