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We believe the Catechism is not a textbook, a collection of ideas, or a set of rules. We believe the Catechism is the faithful echo of a God who wishes to reveal himself to us and desires us to respond. Our mission is to unlock the beauty and truth of the Catechism of the Catholic Church for a new generation and help men and women around the world to encounter the heart of the Catechism: Jesus Christ. 

To help you navigate our website and understand the structure of our content, we put together this simple guide. There are four parts to the Catechism called pillars. They are the Profession of Faith, the Celebration of the Christian Mystery, Life in Christ, and Christian Prayer. We divided each one of these four pillars into 12 units. We will have 48 units covering the entire Catechism of the Catholic Church. We have published all videos for the first pillar, the Profession of Faith, and for the second pillar, the Celebration of the Christian Mystery. We are currently working on the third pillar, Life in Christ. New videos are published every month. 

Each unit consists of three types of videos

Proclamation – These videos are meant to rouse the spiritual curiosity that allows us to be prepared to hear the Gospel message. These videos explore the world and our human experience, and we hope these videos will be especially attractive to those who may not want to watch a video that directly addresses the doctrines of the faith.

Explanation – These videos break open the content of the passage of the catechism we are addressing in the unit. This video is much more straightforward and is guided by a discussion between two voices exploring the truths of the faith.

Connection – These videos are meant to be a real-life application of the passage from the catechism. The tone of this video is often playful and is meant to connect with the audience on a more practical level relevant to their life.

In addition, we also publish a monthly podcast. The Real+True Podcast helps people use the Catholic Church’s Catechism more effectively for evangelization and catechesis. We interview experts in different fields and connect their experience and knowledge to ways of unlocking the Catechism for the modern world. Watch and subscribe to the podcast on YouTube and listen to it on Spotify, Apple, Google, or Amazon.

We hope and pray Real+True videos will find people curious about what the Church teaches and about Jesus. We pray that they rouse a spiritual curiosity about the world and what it means to be human. We pray that our videos present the contents of our faith in a way that is relevant to people’s lives, perhaps in a way they’ve never heard before. And we hope Real + True helps you rediscover the “pulsating heart of the catechism,” as Cardinal Raniero Cantalamessa said, “a heart that has a face and a name – Jesus Christ.”