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Unit 30/Podcast

How Jesus’ Teaching on the Beatitudes Changes Evangelization and Catechesis

In this episode, Edmund and Emily discuss the Beatitudes, which the catechism reminds us is central to Jesus’ preaching.

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Show Notes

(00:00) In the opening of the podcast, hosts Edmund and Emily explore the significance of the Beatitudes in their faith journeys. They will discuss applying the Beatitudes in catechesis and evangelization, sharing personal reflections on their impact. They acknowledge previously overlooking the Beatitudes’ relevance for their lives. They distinguish the Beatitudes from the Ten Commandments, emphasizing their divine nature and counterintuitive teachings. 

(08:49) In this segment, Emily discusses the approach to creatively presenting the Beatitudes in the videos of this unit for Real + True. The discussion highlights how the Beatitudes provide God’s vision for our lives and created goods. Emphasizing a shift from passive understanding to active pursuit, they explore the Beatitudes in detail. They reflect on the transformative power of living out the Beatitudes daily and the challenge of internalizing them. The hosts encourage listeners to embrace proactive engagement with the Beatitudes in their own lives.

(16:20) Here the hosts share personal experiences of how the Beatitudes influenced their reactions in challenging situations, such as showing mercy and mourning for others. The hosts emphasize a shift from passive understanding to active pursuit, highlighting the paradoxical nature of the Beatitudes and the need for trust in God’s grace. They encourage listeners to engage with the Beatitudes more intentionally through reflection, discussion, and practical actions, such as displaying them prominently for daily reminders. Ultimately, they underscore the profound significance of the Beatitudes in deepening one’s faith and relationship with God.

(24:31) In this portion of the episode, the hosts discuss strategies for understanding and applying the Beatitudes in evangelization and catechesis, such as using the lives of saints as examples of the Beatitudes lived out. Emphasizing the Beatitudes’ elevation of moral discernment beyond mere adherence to the Ten Commandments, they highlight the need to align with God’s perspective in navigating life’s challenges. The hosts conclude by urging listeners to prayerfully engage with the Beatitudes as the standard for discernment and spiritual growth.

(29:53) Emily and Edmund wrap up the podcast by encouraging listeners to send in their experiences with the Beatitudes, both in catechesis, evangelization, and in their own lives. 


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