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How to use the Bible and the Catechism together

This episode is a concise and practical explanation of a way to use a unique feature of the Catechism to unlock scripture. Using the index of citations, found in the back of the Catechism, we can look up specific passages of scripture and find all the paragraphs of the Catechism that reference this scripture passage.

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Show Notes

Show Notes:

(00:12) Edmund sets up the problems we face when we try to read or pray with the Bible, as well as when we try to read through the Catechism. It can be hard to read through large passages of the Catechism without a way to make it relevant to our own life. When reading the Bible, it can at times be hard to pray with passages without knowing how the Church might interpret or view the passage in light of Divine Revelation. Praying with the Catechism AND the Bible can be a powerful way to unlock both. 

(02:54) Edmund explains the index of citations, found in the back of the Catechism. Using the index of citations, we can look up a passage of scripture and see everywhere that verse or passage is cited throughout the Catechism. We’ll see paragraphs of the Catechism listed, which we can turn to and read to shed more light on the passage of scripture.

(04:27) Edmund uses Luke 19:1-10, the story of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus, as an example passage for using the index of citations. The Catechism references this passage of scripture in paragraphs 2712, 1443, and 2412. By reading these three short paragraphs, we can shed more light on how the Church views this story of Zacchaeus meeting Jesus. 

(15:33) Edmund recommends other Scripture passages to try combining with the Catechism: John 6:54, Luke 1:37, Jeremiah 31:31-34, Genesis 3:15, Luke 3:21, and Isaiah 43:1-7. Edmund also makes some final suggestions on other ways to use the index of citations, the Bible, and the Catechism. One suggestion is to read the Gospel for the upcoming Sunday and refer to the index of citations to then look up the Catechism paragraphs.

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