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Unit 2/Podcast

The desire for God is written on the human heart

In this episode, we discuss the videos from Unit 2 (CCC 26 - 49). Learn about the creative process for choosing the topic for 'Searching For Our Origins' and some of the inspiring ways our partners in mission are using R+T content.

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Show Notes

[00:30] Welcome and Unit Overview!
Emily and Edmund open the second episode sharing a brief overview of the videos from Unit 01 and the thesis statement that holds it all together. “The Desire for God is Written on the Human Heart”

[01:30] Proclamation Video
We explain the content strategy behind the Proclamation Video, and a little behind the scenes of how we brainstormed and came up with the approach to this video.

[10:00] Stand Out Catechism Paragraphs
In this segment, we share one catechism paragraph from the unit that stood out to us. We’d love for you to pray and read through the catechism yourself, and let us know what paragraph stood out to you and why. Let us know on social media!

[14:34] Explanation and Connection Videos
Discussion of the Explanation and Connection Videos from Unit 02.

[22:00] Closing Thoughts
We are so excited about the reaction to the first unit of videos. We hope you join us in sharing unit two with your friends and family. Thanks for joining us in the mission of Real + True!

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Searching for our origins


The desire of the human heart


What our desires tell us about God

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