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Unit 31/Podcast

Understanding and Living the First Three Commandments with Father Joe Krupp

In this episode of the Real+True podcast, host Edmund Mitchell talks with Father Joseph J. Krupp about the practical application of the first three Commandments in catechesis and evangelization, emphasizing love of God.

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Show Notes

(00:00) Edmund introduces the podcast episode featuring Father Joe Krupp and the discussion on the first three commandments. Father Joe shares his personal journey of faith and his pastoral experience in evangelization and catechesis, highlighting the importance of personal testimony and joyful presentation of the Gospel.

(08:42) Father Joe delves into the meaning of the First Commandment, emphasizing the recognition of God’s place in our lives and the importance of genuine worship and obedience. He provides practical examples to illustrate living out this commandment.

(16:23) The discussion shifts to the Second Commandment regarding honoring the Lord’s day. Father Joe explains the significance of setting aside time for rest and worship, challenging the notion of reducing the faith to a set of rules rather than a relationship with God.

(21:25) Father Joe explores the meaning of the Third Commandment related to using God’s name in vain. He emphasizes the reverence we should have for God’s name and cautions against using it as an excuse for wrongdoing or trivial matters, like claiming God is okay with sinful actions. 

(25:20) The conversation concludes with further reflection on approaching the commandments as guidelines for a loving relationship with God rather than rigid rules. Father Joe highlights the importance of understanding God’s love as the foundation for obedience. Edmund wraps up the episode by thanking Father Joe for his insights and sharing where listeners can find more of Father Joe’s ministry. 

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