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Unit 25/Podcast

What Teaching Morality Looks Like as Evangelizing Catechesis

In this podcast, Emily and Edmund discuss the challenges and strategies for presenting the Church's teachings on morality effectively to a modern audience, and the significance of approaching catechesis and evangelization with a focus on God's love and the invitation to a relationship with Christ.

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Show Notes

(00:00) In the opening of the podcast Edmund and Emily set up the discussion of the third pillar of the catechism, focusing on how to present the Church’s teachings on morality effectively. They emphasize the importance of approaching catechesis and evangelization with an understanding of God’s love and the invitation to a relationship with Christ. They explore the structure of this pillar, highlighting its emphasis on living in Christ rather than just following rules. The conversation underscores the significance of contextualizing moral teachings within the broader framework of the Gospel. By examining the structure of the Catechism, they emphasize the importance of the order and how it contributes to sound catechesis.

(10:48) Edmund and Emily emphasize the significance of understanding foundational truths before presenting specific moral teachings. They discuss the importance of recognizing that humans are created for goodness and love, emphasizing God’s invitation to happiness through beatitude. They stress the importance of meeting their audience where they are at by authentic listening and understanding their perspectives to effectively catechize and evangelize. Drawing from Sherry Waddell’s insights in Forming Intentional Disciples, they highlight the importance of the spiritual journeys of belonging, believing, and behaving in the context of catechesis. They also discuss the approach taken in their videos. The discussion encourages catechists to approach teaching with a deep understanding of the foundational truths of faith and the context of their audience’s experiences.

(19:31) Emily and Edmund discuss practical ways to respond when individuals react critically to Church teachings. The hosts share insights from their experiences and discussions with church ministers. Drawing from the catechism, they highlight the importance of starting with the foundational belief that humans are created for goodness and are inherently attracted to it. They emphasize the significance of meeting people where they are and accompanying them through dialogue to effectively address their concerns. The discussion encourages catechists and parish leaders to focus on understanding the underlying beliefs of those we are catechizing and evangelizing and connecting them back to Church teaching.

(26:54) In the closing of the podcast, Emily and Edmund encourage listeners to study the third pillar of the Catechism. They also suggest reading Pope Francis’ “Evangelii Gaudium” (The Joy of the Gospel), highlighting its relevance in understanding contemporary evangelization. The hosts emphasize the document’s incorporation of recent church teachings, its focus on modern contexts and audiences, and its discussions of the challenges and temptations within the Church’s evangelization efforts. They invite feedback from listeners, aiming to plan future episodes to address their needs.

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