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Evangelizing Young Adults and the Role of the Catechism with Pete Burak

Edmund and Emily invite Pete Burak to this episode of the Real+True Podcast. Pete has been in young adult ministry for a decade and shares his insights into the roadblocks young adults are facing in their journey with God, how to reach those with no religious affiliations, and practical steps for using the Catechism as a resource.

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Show Notes

Show Notes 

(00:37) Edmund and Emily introduce this episode’s guest Pete Burak. Pete shares about Renewal Ministries, i.d. and the important role young adults play in the life of a parish. They discuss the struggles that young adults face in trying to live faithful lives– including a need for community and a fear of authority. Pete mentions the “nones” of our culture, those who do not ascribe to any religion.  

(12:55) A look at the state of young adults: Pete explains what he sees in the culture. He describes the phenomenon of “Nones,” those who, when asked what religion they affiliated with, would respond, “None.” This number of people is rising and alarming. Our guest Pete dissects this with an understanding of the broken trust and broken credibility with authority in all realms (politics, sports, and even within the Church.) Emily mentions that the mission of Real+True is a counter argument to the attitude that the Church is only focused on rules and controlling behavior. But rather, through the Catechism, we see that our Catholic faith is an experience of God revealing himself to us and desiring for us to respond. 

(23:08) “Catechesis is a moment in the process of evangelization.” Emily shares her insights into the role of relationship in the process of sharing the Gospel with another person. 

Making this personal: the role of personal testimony in sharing the Gospel. Pete mentions young adults’ desire for stability, a desire for the sacred as they build their lives. And that ultimately the Catholic Church is that place of stability and sacredness they search for. Edmund makes the point that, “People are shying away from institutional religion, but also seeking wisdom from somewhere.” Real+True exists to be that “somewhere.” 

(30:26) Pete Burak shares, ”our generation’s allergic to commitment… yet I’ve found it incredibly refreshing for young adults to be challenged to commitment.” Pete, Emily, and Edmund discuss the task of unlocking the greater mysteries of the Catholic faith, past the moral or political questions that arise more naturally. “How do we make people excited about the Trinity?”

(37:21) Practical suggestions: “If you want people to engage with the Catechism, you need to know the Catechism.” Pete encourages us to encounter the Catechism for ourselves and to turn to it in discussion and dialogue. “Instead of trying to quote it, I say, “Hey, why don’t we just read it?” Having the Bible and the Catechism on hand as a catechist is an idea Pete suggests for anyone handing on the faith. 

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