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Unit 5/Podcast

I believe in God

Edmund shares about being cast as an astronaut for a day and the power of the Creed. Emily shares a story of persecuted Christians professing the Creed in the face of opposition.

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Show Notes

[00:12] Introduction + Overview of Episode
Your Real + True hosts Edmund and Emily introduce themselves and this Unit 5 podcast. This Unit covers CCC 185-231 and the thesis of the episode is: “I believe in God.” The Unit includes three videos: Proclamation: What’s in a name? Explanation: “Who is God?” Connection: “What is the Creed? And why is it important?” In this Unit of videos, you’re invited to consider, “God is a person; how do we relate to God?” The hosts mention the Rock family, who is interviewed for one of the videos for this unit.

[06:40] Proclamation Video: The Implications of Knowing God’s Name
Emily challenges listeners, “We talk about ‘God’ but do we really stop and think about what that means?” God has revealed himself to us. The burning bush scene from scripture is discussed. It was a particularly fun scene to write and animate for the team; they enjoyed bringing it to life. The power of knowing someone’s name is addressed. Emily asks, “Do you know what Jesus’ name means?” Jesus’ identity is his mission.

[9:35] Favorite Part of the Episode: Standout Catechism Paragraph
Edmund and Emily share what paragraphs stood out to them. Edmund was moved by paragraph CCC 229: “Faith in God leads us to turn to him alone as our first origin and our ultimate goal, and neither to prefer anything to him nor to substitute anything for him.” This challenged Edmund to think, “Do I prefer God over everything else?” Emily was most struck by CCC 222-227. This section discusses the great consequences of believing in God, namely, it means coming to know God’s greatness and majesty, living in thanksgiving, knowing the unity and true dignity of all men, making good use of created things, and trusting God in every circumstance. Emily attests to the fact that her trust in God increased while working on this project through encountering this section.

[15:05] Explanation Video: The concepts that inspired this video are addressed.
Edmund talks about the first time he encountered the concept of God. Emily explains that faith is the belief in a “who” not a “what.” God wants us to know him as a person, not as a distant concept. The statement, “I believe in God” changes everything about our lives.

[20:17] Connection Video: “I believe in God.”
Perhaps this is the part of the Mass that is most memorized. Edmund shares his experience of being an astronaut for a day. Edmund explains that the Creed unifies the faithful, and is a powerful statement of belief in God. Emily mentions a powerful story of Christians who professed the Creed together in the face of persecution. The hosts pose the question, “Does the Creed really change our lives?”

[27:05] Announcement: Real + Verdadero has launched!
Real + True is a global project, releasing videos in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. New this week, this Real + True podcast is now available in Spanish. The goal is that all people would encounter the heart of the Catechism: Jesus Christ.

[28:08] Recap + Mission: The Catechism is a faithful echo of a God who desires to reveal himself to us.
Real + True transforms the Catechism into a living voice for the modern world. Connect with Real + True through the Real + True newsletter, facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, realtrue.org, and this podcast. Share with a friend.

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What’s in a name?


Who is God?


What is the Creed and why is it important?

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